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The Ascendants Sagittarius

Table of contents

  • Appearance of the Ascendant Sagittarius
  • Character of the Ascendant Sagittarius
  • Job and Career of the Ascendant Sagittarius
  • The Ascendant Sagittarius in Love
  • Learning Task of the Ascendant Sagittarius
  • Zodiac Signs in the Ascendant Sagittarius

Appearance of the Ascendant Sagittarius

The strength of character of the Ascendant Sagittarius is expressed in its appearance. They have a high recognition value. Above all, they are remembered for their striking facial features. 

Their strong nose finds a home in their narrow face. Their pronounced chin garnishes the appearance of this Ascendant. The upper body is slender, while their legs are bursting with strength.

Character of the Ascendant Sagittarius

In the Ascendant Sagittarius, curiosity and self-confidence are combined. They are warm, uncomplicated and have a direct manner, because they care a lot about themselves.

Because of their erratic nature, they don't stay on one thing for long. If they find a life task, they achieve perfection with the help of their high perceptiveness and their fire.

The most famous example of someone born with the Ascendant Sagittarius is Bruce Lee, “The King of Kung-Fu”. With a will like steel, he achieved great things. This even resulted in a new martial art. He died as quickly as he lived, but his deeds still resonate to this day. By nature, the typical Ascendant Sagittarius is quick and full of drive.

Strengths of the Ascendant Sagittarius

  • Uncomplicated
  • Honest
  • open-minded
  • Direct
  • Interested

Weaknesses of the Ascendant Sagittarius

  • Erratic 
  • Inconsistent
  • Missionary
  • Arrogant
  • Unfaithful

Job and Career of the Ascendant Sagittarius

It doesn't what profession the dynamic Sagittarius works in, they are passionate about what they do. As a sports journalist, they are doing great and getting their money's worth out of this profession. This is because they really like to discover new places. Their heart races when they travel from one country to the next.

As a teacher or lecturer, they pursue their passion for imparting knowledge. Passing on their experiences to the next generation gives them great pleasure. Not only do they get their money's worth in this activity, but also their students, who benefit from their fun-loving nature.

That being said, the Ascendant Sagittarius needs a long enough leash to deliver continuously. Their main focus is on their free space. Therefore, they are increasingly moving into self-employment. Here, they subordinate themselves to no one and owe accountability exclusively to themselves.

The Ascendant Sagittarius in Love

Some call them charmers, others heartbreakers, and still others will label them as incapable of a relationship. In love, the hot-blooded Sagittarius is versatile and adventurous. They are always careful to maintain their independence. One romance follows the other.

If admirers succeed in leading them to safe places, even the Casanova loses their heart. In a steady partnership, they are affectionate, attentive and surprise their partner with gifts.

It remains important that their better half is as adventurous as they are. If their partner outperforms them in this respect, even better. They are inspired by an open-hearted partner and willingly give up some of their freedom under these circumstances. Thereupon, even this Ascendant becomes settled.

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Learning Task of the Ascendant Sagittarius

The Ascendant influences the appearance and character of a person. It points out areas of life in which our learning tasks lie.

The keyword for the Ascendant Sagittarius is tolerance. This is because they think more highly of themselves than would be good for them. Over the course of their lives, they experience a lot and gather a great wealth of experience. This is not a bad thing, but it leads them to inadvertently put themselves above others. They don't accept foreign views. They only accept their definition of true and false.

They take a step forward when they understand to accept other views. Visions and ideals can only be implemented if everyone pulls together. Discussions should not be left out. If they fall into dogma, they become missionary and lose sympathy. 

Zodiac Signs in the Ascendant Sagittarius

Sagittarius Ascendant Sagittarius

Due to the Ascendant Sagittarius in the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the specific qualities of the character are strengthened. Therefore, astrologers call it the double Sagittarius. They are warm and uncomplicated and quickly make friends with the people around them.

Leo Ascendant Sagittarius

Due to the fire that burns in this Ascendant, they don’t shy away from great hurdles. Leos take care to consistently follow their chosen path to the end. In addition, they are tolerant people who approach the unknown with an open mind.

Aries Ascendant Sagittarius

With all the advantages Sagittarius gives Aries, unfavorable behaviors also come to light. Although they unconditionally believe in their strengths, under certain circumstances, they might go over the top. Thereupon, the Ascendant themselves are righteous and don't allow any other view than theirs.

Virgo Ascendant Sagittarius

The Virgo Ascendant Sagittarius is incredibly agile and finds its way into situations that are unfamiliar to it because of its gift for adaptation. Thanks to their powers of observation, they find ways where others are still groping in the dark. For this Ascendant, it is necessary to be more lenient with themselves and to draw on their qualities.

Capricorn Ascendant Sagittarius

Although the Capricorn is respected, people don't love them because of their secretive nature. They are a loner who solely rely on their strengths to achieve their goals.

Taurus Ascendant Sagittarius

The Taurus Ascendant Sagittarius is striving, down-to-earth, and idealistic nonetheless. Thanks to their collegiality, they make friends easily. Others especially appreciate their unfailing taste. They rely on the fact that they usually have a secret tip for pleasurable hours at hand.

Aquarius Ascendant Sagittarius

This Ascendant preferably is the head of an endeavor. They are excellent at inspiring their fellow people and igniting the fire that burns within them. If someone attempts to bind them, the volatile Aquarius is quick to leave because their freedom stands above all else.

Libra Ascendant Sagittarius

Libras get through life well and have an easy time finding their way in foreign places. Their light shines brightly, leaving only a small shadow, which would be that they are vain and regularly overdo it with their penchant for luxury.

Gemini Ascendant Sagittarius

They are spontaneous and curious. Geminis don't value security. They define security differently than their peers would. You rarely meet this Ascendant more than once in the same place. If you get to see them, you will get your money's worth. They mainly shine because of their cheerful and informal nature.

Cancer Ascendant Sagittarius

The Cancer Ascendant Sagittarius has depth and an excellent knowledge of human nature. They emphatically put themselves in people's shoes and change their point of view. Cancer and Sagittarius give different parts of the soul to these people. Therefore, they have to decide on how to live their lives.

Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius

Living into the day and not letting anything get in their way is the thing of the Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius. They are philanthropists who still believe in the good in life. They radiate optimism and their empathy makes them welcome guests.

Scorpio Ascendant Sagittarius

Their exploratory spirit takes them to the most exciting places in this world, because everyday theory is not particularly exciting to these Ascendants. They experience life with all its shadow and light so that one day they can look back on their lives without regret.

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