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the ascendant leo

Table of contents

  • Appearance of the Ascendant Leo
  • Character of the Ascendant Leo
  • Job and Career of the Ascendant Leo
  • The Ascendant Leo in Love
  • Learning Task of the Ascendant Leo
  • Zodiac Signs in the Ascendant Leo

Appearance of the Ascendant Leo

Those born in the Ascendant Leo possess a powerful and dynamic stature. They are athletes rather than bodybuilders. Their hair is thick, wavy or curly and mostly blond. Their expressive eyes have a light brown iris. The nose of the Ascendant Leo is large, but not broad – rather narrow and long. 

Their fair skin is characteristic. As a rule, they are not classic beauties. Their face is strikingly distinctive. Their overall appearance is memorable. The appearance of the Ascendant is remembered by their fellow people.

Character of the Ascendant Leo

People born in the Ascendant Leo possess a serene personality. They are opinionated and self-confident. Driven by their ego, they strive to become number one, in which concerns of the life play no role for them.

To the outside world, they want to appear infallible. In their eyes, criticism is an insult to the majesty. People who dare to expose them publicly are put in their place by every trick in the book.

If Leos put aside their pronounced pride, a warm-hearted and altruistic person is revealed behind it. They care about the well-being of their fellow humans. They put their heart and soul into helping the weaker ones and lead them out of difficult times.

Through their positive way of life, they manage to conquer the hearts of people. They transfer their fire of passion into other people and inspire them for their visions.

Strengths of the Ascendant Leo

  • Positive
  • Full of life
  • Determined
  • Balanced
  • Warm-hearted

Weaknesses of the Ascendant Leo

  • Selfish
  • Incapable of criticism
  • Reckless
  • Lazy
  • Unteachable

Job and Career of the Ascendant Leo

The Ascendant Leo appears calm and composed. Thanks to their determined rhetoric, they asserts themselves excellently. With their natural authority, they hold top positions in business and politics.

People born in the Ascendant Leo need the chance to advance in their profession. A job that is not recognized is just as uninteresting as one that lacks opportunities for advancement.

A stage fulfills their desire to be the center of attention. They find these conditions in the music and film industry. As a lecturer and teacher, they guide people and pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

The profession of the politician is suitable for the lion. As such, they bear responsibility and keep the reins of action in their hands.

The Ascendant Leo in Love

The fiery Ascendant Leo is passionate about love. They like to eat their loved ones with skin and hair. To them, they are loyal and devoted. If their partners have a wish, they read it from their lips – provided their admiration is mutual.

They expect their partner to adore them and not to hide behind expressions of love. Equality in love is extremely important to them. They wants a confident and independent partner who flatters them regularly and will quickly lose interest in an appendage.

In love, the Ascendant is considerate. In other respects, they find it difficult to take problems seriously. Their optimism makes them take problems lightly. They make up for that by being an absolute “doer”. If their partner conveys their request with a wink, the Ascendant Leo will give everything to take it to heart.

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Learning Task of the Ascendant Leo

The Ascendant influences the appearance and character of a person. Moreover, it points out areas of life which our learning tasks lie in.

The Ascendant Leo is the leader, the alpha, the king. Effortlessly, they take responsibility and single-handedly take care of what's at hand. The special learning task of someone born in the Ascendant Leo is that they put their pride aside. They have to delegate tasks and not do everything on their own.

This includes allowing their warm-hearted side to take precedence more often. Otherwise, they are considered an arrogant and cold person throughout their life. The Ascendant Leo definitely is not.

Zodiac Signs in the Ascendant Leo

Leo Ascendant Leo

The Ascendant Leo enormously strengthens the characteristics of the zodiac sign. Astrologers therefore speak of the double Leo. The appearance and charisma of the Leo Ascendant Leo are extremely pronounced in this constellation.

Sagittarius Ascendant Leo

Determined, the Sagittarius devotes itself to the questions of life. Due to their pronounced curiosity, they devote themselves to complex content. Only natural sciences, humanities and religious studies quench their thirst for knowledge.

Aries Ascendant Leo

Because the Aries Ascendant Leo gives their all, they are one of life's winners. From this, they draw confidence in their strength. They subordinate everything to success. It doesn't matter if the hot-blooded Aries offend their fellow men with their manner.

Virgo Ascendant Leo

The strengths of the Virgo Ascendant Leo include its flexibility and perceptiveness. They learn quickly and easily. Their disposition makes them feel at home on the stages of this world.

Capricorn Ascendant Leo

Capricorn with the Ascendant Leo pursue their goals with staying power. They are competent, resilient and confident. Their zeal for work is time-consuming, so their family suffers. In material terms, their family does not lack – in turn, they rarely get to see their Capricorn.

Taurus Ascendant Leo

The Taurus with the Ascendant Leo is powerful and close to nature. For them, their family stands above everything. They are caring, affectionate and generally a relational person. Their family is not lacking, as they learned to secure themselves financially early on.

Gemini Ascendant Leo

The Gemini appears calm and composed. They convince their fellow people with their rhetorical skills. If we look at it as a whole, the Gemini Ascendant Leo is an authority that gets into top positions of companies.

Aquarius Ascendant Leo

The Aquarius Ascendant Leo does not bow to any norms or conventions of society. Paradoxically, they allow themselves to be guided by the recognition of others beyond measure. The needs of their fellow people are close to their heart. As a result, their wishes increasingly take a back seat.

Libra Ascendant Leo

With the Libra Ascendant Leo, we find an open-minded person. The character-typical striving for harmony, which is inherent in the Libra, perfectly complements the assertiveness of the Leo. They are willing to compromise and diplomatic. One consequence of this is that they make contact with a wide variety of people.

Cancer Ascendant Leo

The urge to be the center of attention shifts the Cancer Ascendant Leo from the stage to their four walls. It is more important for them to shine in the circle of their family than to shine in public. Cancers with the Ascendant Leo are artistically inclined. They know how to sell what they have created.

Pisces Ascendant Leo

The Pisces is reserved and a daydreamer, while the Leo is reality-based and confidently pushes into the center of attention. In their younger years, Pisces with the Ascendant Leo strongly struggle with inner conflicts.

Scorpio Ascendant Leo

Pure willpower coupled with high self-esteem. The Scorpio Ascendant Leo is assertive and charismatic – someone who resolutely pursues their goals. They have no issues in the professional world. Natural authority and discipline are their recipe for success.

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