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The Chinese zodiac | 5 Min. reading duration

the chinese zodiac Sign Goat

The Goat is the eighth animal in the Chinese zodiac. According to the legend, the Goat and the Deer set off together for a festival organised by a Jade Emperor. The 12 animals appearing first at the festival were to be assured a place in the Chinese zodiac by the Jade Emperor.

When the Goat and the Deer came to a river, both were irritated at first and wondered how to cross it. The Deer surrendered, but the Goat swam off and managed to cross the river. So the Goat finished eighth, ahead of the Monkey.

The Special Characteristics of Goats

People with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Goat are considered creative, intelligent, caring and balanced. They are open-minded towards their environment, but being in the spotlight is not for Goats. 

They are considered taciturn and reserved – this is mainly due to the fact that Goats have a tendency to be intensely preoccupied with their own thoughts. Goats tend to be pessimistic, and in such a phase, they want nothing more than their peace and quiet and better still: Spending a day at home. Yet Goats like to spend money, preferably on clothes that give them a chic look.

Not All Goats are the Same

The Chinese five-element teachings assign one element to each zodiac sign – depending on the year of birth. The different combinations of the elements also result in different character traits under Goats. You can see which type of Goat you are in the following overview:

1931, 1991Metal
1943, 2003Water
1907, 1967Wood
1955, 2015Fire
1919, 1979Earth

The Special Character Traits of Goats

In the following, we will take a closer look at the differences between the various types of Goats:

Metal-Goat: Metal Goats may appear self-confident, but they are extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Therefore, they would do anything to protect themselves from getting hurt. The environment is extremely important to the Metal Goat, which is why the Metal Goat is often involved in voluntary work or politics. 

Water-Goat: Like all Goat types, the Water Goat has a pronounced helper syndrome. The Water Goat is highly valued by its environment as the first point of contact when problems arise. It is particularly difficult for this Goat to separate herself from others, because she also likes to help. The Water Goat can intuitively determine whether it is being taken advantage of or whether help is really needed. Therefore, Water Goats should trust their intuition more often rather than the opinion of others. 

Fire-Goat: Fire Goats are bursting with energy and ideas. The Fire Goat also has enough stamina to get most projects rolling. Fire Goats are humorous and able to laugh at themselves. Sometimes, however, Fire Goats suffer from major mood swings, in which case friends and family should back her up.

Wood-Goat: Wood Goats want to create and create. They are considered to be very hard-working and determined – at the same time they are always friendly, courteous and helpful. Simply accumulating material objects is not for Wood Goats: They want to discover and develop and thus increase prosperity for themselves and their environment. 

It is no wonder that the most successful pioneers of the computer industry, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, are Wood Goats!

Earth-Goat: Earth Goats are the most responsible and disciplined of all Goat-borns. They are farsighted and economical with their possessions. They are extremely popular with friends and are considered a “safe haven” because they are very good listeners and comforters. 

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A Great Career as a Goat?

Goats are not after steep careers or positions of power. Their high level of intelligence and their drive to want to achieve something for their fellow human beings make them perfect team players. All industries which the Goat can do something good for others in therefore are perfect for it. Interesting career opportunities for Goats therefore lie, for example, in the fields of:

  • Medicine
  • Music
  • Acting
  • Architecture
  • Social work

Goats in Love

Goat-born people are extremely emotional and strive for a romantic relationship. They need affection and protection from their loved one. Goats are highly sensitive and vulnerable at their core, so their partner should never forget important events, such as their birthday or even their wedding anniversary. 

You can see from the following overview which partners are ideal for a relationship and which combinations might prove more critical:

IdealRabbit, Horse, Pig
GoodTiger, Goat, Monkey
AverageRooster, Ox
DifficultDragon, Snake, Dog, Rat

However, we would like note that if your partner is not at all suited to you according to the Chinese zodiac sign, you still don’t need to worry. Critical combinations also have a good chance of success. They may not be “no-brainers”, but they can lead to an exciting and intense love relationship.

The Specifics of the Goat Woman

Goat women are born with an artistic talent. They are also vital and adaptable. They always need the support of their family, which gives her strength to realise her goals. 

She is considered delicate and rather reserved; however, she has a talent for turning her weakness into strength: If she is not able to master a situation alone, she will win over influential people to implement her plans. 

In love, the Goat woman is considered to be very sentimental and passionate. She gives a lot – but demands even more. If she is left, the pain is very deep and lasts long.

What Makes the Goat Man

The Goat man is a creative and righteous personality. Although he is considered a team player, he can also make an excellent individual fighter. Professionally, he implements what others have planned. Unfortunately, there sometimes are difficulties in the progress of his career when the trivialities of everyday life put additional strain on the Goat man. 

He pursues his projects tenaciously and sometimes stubbornly, although he otherwise likes to sink into thoughts and dreams. Unfortunately, these are not always positive in nature: the Goat man is considered a pessimist who often worries for no reason. 

Therefore, he needs a strong partner who gives him a feeling of safety and security. In love, he always gives everything and likes to surprise his partner with gifts.

How Healthy are Goats?

Goat-born people generally are healthy. They have a serene and calm nature, which has a positive effect on body and mind. Goats in good mental and emotional shape almost never have any health problems. 

However, regular meals and a regular sleep rhythm are particularly important for Goats to maintain their health. Tip: Avoiding red meat is a good way for Goats to maintain their health as well.