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Zodiac Sign Taurus and Zodiac Sign Pisces

Taurus & Pisces - (No) Love at First Sight

At first sight, the earth sign and the water sign do not fit together very well. You might quickly get the impression that their world views are too different for them to bring them down to a common denominator.

And indeed, Pisces can sometimes be too volatile for the grounded Taurus, and a relationship may lack variety from time to time. If this is the case, love falls into a deep sleep that it does not wake up from. 

They Give Each Other What They Need

But if you look a second time, you will see how exceptionally well the brave Taurus and the soulful Pisces go together. They complement each other and will regularly find love for eternity when they meet. They especially meet on the emotional level and complement each other wonderfully. 

The calm, courteous nature of the Taurus works very well with the sensitive side of the Pisces. There is no risk that the Taurus will step on the feet of the Pisces and unintentionally injure it. Considerate and loving, they turn to each other and enjoy their togetherness.

In doing so, they support and encourage each other, as Taurus can give Pisces the support it has always hoped for in a relationship. It is something like the rock in the surf, which the zodiac sign Pisces feels very secure and safe with. This is exactly what the Taurus wants to achieve in its life. Stability and security, so that its loved ones have everything they need. 

Two Romantics if You’ve Ever Seen Some

They also benefit from the fact that they are not inferior to each other in terms of romance and leisure. They have the same interests and are faithful to each other. If the Taurus ever feels stressed by its work colleagues or by someone else, the Pisces can soothe it perfectly and distract it wonderfully. Then, they make themselves comfortable in their own home and spend their retirement together.

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The Taurus Man and the Pisces Woman

Love Between Them Grows Over Time

In the relationship between the grounded Taurus man and the sensitive Pisces woman, there very rarely is any tension and certainly no conflict. Favored by the fact that earth signs and water signs usually get along well with each other, they can build up an extremely stable relationship of trust with each other – Also because both are not known to get stressed and do not act head over heels when choosing a partner, but take the time in order to not make a wrong decision. 

Eternal Love?

Once the Pisces woman and the Taurus man have found each other, it is very difficult for them to get away from each other. The Taurus man generally holds on to his partner for a long time, even through difficult times, and the Pisces woman will have no reason at all to think about a separation with the considerate Taurus man. 

They complement each other well, as they support each other in a relationship and agree on the value of security and safety in a partnership. In addition, they have a pronounced romantic side and are not greedy when it comes to expressions of love and tenderness. 

They Complement Each Other Too Well for Quarrels to Arise

The only point of contention could be that the Taurus man and the Pisces woman have a different relationship to possessions and material objects. Luckily, the passive Pisces woman likes to leave the decision-making authority to her Taurus man, as she is reluctant, but the Taurus man is anything but afraid to take responsibility and bear the consequences of his decisions. In this respect, they also complement each other very well and have a great foundation to go for a marriage.

The Taurus Woman and the Pisces Man

A Promising Acquaintance

The combination of a Pisces man and Taurus woman is very promising, as they have many similarities that glue them together, but also bring differences from which they are enriched and complemented. There is no danger that these will cause them to go separate ways, as they are unlikely to come to irreconcilable differences. On the contrary, their love and trust only grows over time, especially because they go through life at a similar pace.

Together, They Have All the Time in the World

The Taurus woman has all the time in the world and thinks about everything thoroughly and will thus find a suitable answer sooner or later. She is ambitious, but also steady and lives life to the fullest. She is not the uptight, hard-working career woman who subordinates everything to her job, but always takes time for herself and her loved one, because her partner plays an important role in her life. The Pisces man appreciates it when a woman gives him attention and he gets the feeling that he is the number one in her life. He does not like to play second row and quickly withdraws if he does not trust his partner.

Till Death Do Them Part

They do not have to fear that they don’t have to offer enough for each other and for exciting, crackling hours are ensured likewise, because both the sensual Taurus woman and the passionate Pisces man are true romantics and turn to their partner a lot. They will always take the time to pamper and caress each other. They feel like they have arrived and are safe, so they don't have to worry about hurting each other. In this respect, they can live together happily and contentedly till death do them part.

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