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The Pisces Man

February 19th to March 20th

Light and Shadow

The Pisces man is a feisty goldfish, not a dangerous business shark. A romantic, not a macho. A womanizer, not a woman despiser. The Pisces man loves and wants to be loved. In general, for the Pisces man, everything revolves around the topic of feelings, love and partnership. One looks for corners and edges in vain. That's why you rarely see him elbowing his way to the top. 

He is very assertive, prefers to pocket and he would rather take a step back. He rarely tells others what he thinks. For him, domestic peace is more important. Therefore, he avoids conflicts but also because rarely has a firm opinion. He pushes his thoughts back and forth like a cue ball. He thinks and thinks, only to come to the conclusion that tomorrow is still time, too. Admirers have a hard time, especially when they wait for him to take the initiative. 

Pisces Men Live In the Moment

The good-natured Pisces man lives in the moment and relies on his intuition. He lives into the day, fixed constructs are alien to him. He seems very absent-minded, however, that's a big part of his charisma. 

He is very popular with women. They enjoy his empathy and understanding. The Pisces man takes love very seriously. With his calm and dreamy manner, he creates a very special climate of trust and security. He orients himself to his partner, and with the right one, he becomes creative. Pisces men with an artistic passion need a muse to properly realize their full potential. 

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The Money Slips Through His Fingers

His partner should not ever be under the illusion that with a Pisces man, she has a down-to-earth and continuous partner at her side. Because Pisces men are extremely erratic, both in their mood and in what they do. This volatility becomes quite exhausting in the long run. 

Often complicating matters is the fact that money slips through their hands. Wasteful is not even an expression for it. They only see money as a means to an end. Pisces men are rarely wealthy or prosperous. They subordinate everything to the moment. However, with so much discord that the Pisces man brings, one thing is sure to never come up: Boredom.

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