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Zodiac Sign Cancer and Zodiac Sign Pisces 

Pisces & Cancer - To End of the Rainbow Together

Caring, supportive and affirming, the relationship between the water sign Cancer and the water sign Pisces satisfies many needs. With a lot of romance and mutual expressions of love, they do very well and find a healthy harmony together. This is because they are very emotional beings and let their feelings and intuition guide them. Long brooding is not their thing. This creates a strong understanding of their partner. 

They build castles in the air together and in the feel-good atmosphere they create, they can let themselves go. The boundaries are blurring and it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between them. 

Unfortunately, this is not only beneficial, it can cause them to become increasingly isolated from everything and everyone. They fall into a symbiosis in which everyday life becomes a burden. In particular, the domestic Cancer is often left behind. They find themselves in a situation where they have to run the household. The zodiac sign Pisces unconsciously makes itself more and more comfortable. They often lose themselves in their thoughts because they feels protected, almost mothered, by the Cancer. 

The Art of Finding the Right Balance

The dangerous thing is that they become very emotionally dependent on each other. If their relationship comes to an end, they stand there all alone and without friends. The likelihood of them getting back together is very high because they don't like to be alone, they become more and more dependent. In this, they are neither happy nor satisfied.

To avoid this, they need to have fun separately – activities outside the house are helpful. A union for eternity should offer enough time for togetherness and for separate activities. As with everything in life, it is important to find the right balance.

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The Cancer Woman and the Pisces Man

They Quickly Get Into a Relationship

The relationship ideals of the Cancer woman and the Pisces man are very similar, which ensures that they find each other right away. They quickly build up trust. As a result, they end up in a relationship faster than usual. They usually take a long time before entering into a relationship, with your soulmate, however, you don't flinch for long. You grab your sweetheart or loved one before someone else does. 

They realize early on how well this relationship works and their happiness could hardly be greater. They approach a relationship emotionally and attentively. They devote a lot of attention, intensity and care to their partner, talk about common interests and recognize their spirituality. This causes them to build castles in the air and wallow in shared dreams. 

The Flower of Eternal Love

The deep soul beings have to be careful not to lose their footing with so much unison. It takes great effort to ensure that they don't lose sight of reality for all their dreaming. Meetings with good friends are an alternative – they ground you. Shared hobbies where they can express themselves are also helpful. And children who take up a lot of time in everyday life are conceivable. If they are able to master the balancing act between desire and reality, the flower of eternal love will bloom here.

The Cancer Man and the Pisces Woman

Love at First Sight

There is a lot of matches between the Cancer man and the Pisces woman. As a result, getting to know each other goes smoothly. In some cases, there will definitely be the so-called “love at first sight”: they feel understood right away. Just like the Cancer woman and the Pisces man, they will quickly form a relationship. Neither the Cancer man nor the Pisces woman will have to pretend. In their counterpart, they have found someone who they can be themselves with. For this, they are loved and valued.

They Must not let Themselves Go

The love between them goes so smoothly that it can even make it too comfortable. As a result, the Pisces woman not only lets herself go, but can become lazy and selfish. Everyday worries stick to the caring Cancer man, and since he does not peddle his opinion, he will accumulate frustration, until one day, there is a crash. The Pisces woman will be unprepared for this and the house will quickly become unbalanced. 

They are advised to communicate more openly, especially when they dislike something. Otherwise, they are in harmony so much that here is the chance for true love. A breakup therefore is all the sadder and, above all, avoidable.

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