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The Zodiac Sign Scorpio

October 24th to November 22nd

General Information About the Zodiac Sign Scorpio

The zodiac sign Scorpio (Latin for scorpion) is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Its ruling planet is Mars and its element is water. The zodiac sign Scorpio is male and together with the zodiac sign Pisces and the zodiac sign Cancer, it forms the trine of the element water. Along with the zodiac sign Aquarius, the zodiac sign Taurus and the zodiac sign Leo squared, it is part of to the four fixed signs. The exact origin of the zodiac sign is unclear, but it has always been represented as a scorpion. It is noticeable that the Scorpio in the symbolic representation has a great similarity with the symbol of the Virgo.

General Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign Scorpio

  • Charismatic
  • Dominant
  • Loyal
  • Powerful
  • Profound
  • Passionate

Fiery and Passionate, We Present: The Charismatic Scorpio

Hardly any water sign is as temperamental and passionate as the zodiac sign Scorpio. Due to their affinity with the darker sides of life, the Scorpio always has something mystical and charismatic about it. They rarely reveal everything about themselves. They are not someone who loudly announces their plans. They prefer to act in secret. When their thoughts become reality, they enjoy that for themselves. 

The Scorpio always has a goal in mind. Even in the face of unforeseen difficulties, they eagerly pursue their plans to the bitter end. They transform disadvantages into advantages through their flexibility. They know how to make time work for them and demonstrate an uncanny patience. They are assisted in this by their specific characteristics. For example, their cunning, which, however, can also be negative. 

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The Scorpio, Anything But Low-Maintenance

Scorpios then become very headstrong, possessive and jealous. Especially in relationships, the shady sides of the Scorpio increasingly come to light. In interpersonal relationships, they are anything but uncomplicated and easy to care for. Their high demands, perfectionism and profoundness always pose challenges to those around them. 

Probably the Most Unfathomable Zodiac Sign

In their language, the water sign is by no means squeamish. Rather, they are very direct and clear. Their adherence to principles make them very stubborn. This has the advantage that they are persistent in pursuing their goals. The people who get along best with them are those who, like them, can show a clear edge. Giving in just to avoid an argument is out of the question for the zodiac sign Scorpio. 

Typically, it has a very strong memory – Scorpios forget very little. If their friends remain loyal to them, they will never forget them. They will thank them with their passion. They even goes so far as to sacrifice themselves for their friends. For them, there is only hot or cold, whole or nothing. “Lukewarm” is a foreign word to them. All this probably makes the Scorpio the most inscrutable and charismatic zodiac sign.

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