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The Zodiac Sign Leo in Profession and Career 

July 23rd to August 23rd

Made for the Big Stage

Due to their self-confident appearance and great determination, people with the zodiac sign Leo find a place in a wide variety of professions. Their innate potential, enthusiasm and creative nature regularly bring them to art. 

Thus, Leo-born people are often art dealers, musicians or actors. This is logical, since their urge to be on the big stage is very pronounced, they love the attention and admiration they can enjoy there. 

Their Path Often Leads All the Way to the Top

Thanks to their assertiveness, they make it to the top more often than the average, as you will see in our list of well-known personalities. They “owe” this to their natural authority and liking of responsibility.

Thus, you will often see Leo-born people in top positions in a wide range of professions. They lead and support their employees and have a knack for using the strengths of those around them profitably. 

In addition, they always have an open ear for the affairs of their employees. However, they should be careful not to be critical towards them. The proud Leo can't take criticism and will extend their claws.

They Stand Up for the Weak

Their good handling of children and teenagers make them especially good therapists and educators. They want to stand up for the weak, the people who do not manage to get justice. The Leo takes responsibility for those in need and silently shines with their abilities. Their lion's heart and good nature come to light and show the proud lion in a different light. 

If they are active in a social profession, they become downright selfless. They put the welfare of others above their own and have no problem taking a back seat. The warmth they radiate let them find great access to their fellow people and the strength attached to them causes people to believe what they say. They willingly let them help them because they do not have to fear that they will be judged by the trustworthy lion. 

Recommended occupations in this direction are:

  • Art therapist
  • Streetworker
  • Social pedagogue
  • Addiction counselor
  • Psychologist 
leo in profession and career special offer

Forever 30

Because of their vanity and sense of beauty, many Leos are found in “anti-aging medicine”. For them, the transition into old age is particularly difficult, as they dismiss wrinkles and crow's feet as blemishes. 

They would look like to look like they are 30 forever. This no-go causes them to fight aging more than most other zodiac signs. Whether cosmetician, surgeon, dermatologist or other professions that deal with beauty and care, they attract the zodiac sign Leo like magic. 

We Have Created a List of Famous Personalities with the Zodiac Sign Leo:

  • Barack Obama (former President of the United States of America)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor, model and politician)
  • Jennifer Lopez (American singer)
  • Bill Clinton (former President of the United States of America)
  • Yves Saint Lauren (French fashion designer)
  • Halle Berry (American actress)
  • Sandra Bullock (American actress)
  • Madonna (American singer)
  • Demi Lovato (American singer, songwriter and actor)
  • Roger Federer (Swiss Tennis Player)

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