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The Virgo Man

August 24th to September 23rd

He Fully Dives Into His Interests

Caring and generous, the reason-driven Virgo man takes a step-by-step approach to life. Neither does he brag about his achievements, nor is it important for him to attain a high status. If it comes up, well, that's okay, but the Virgo man strives for consistency and security. It is important to him not to have to worry, and then, he fully devotes himself to one thing.

He likes to watch his bank balance grow. It is important for him to always have some spare cash under his pillow. He is the expedient type who doesn't make a fuss about himself and his person. So it's fitting that he's not taking any risks, whether it professionally or personally. Everything is carefully thought out and he takes all the time in the world. Mistakes can be made by others, he likes to be on the safe side of life.

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The Virgo - Still Waters are Deep

In a partnership, he rarely goes all out. Most often, he behaves in such a way that women have to seduce him. He maintains a distanced relationship with his feelings as too strong emotions irritate him. He tries to understand them instead of just living them. What the Virgo man does not understand, he is not comfortable with. He needs a woman to draw him out and lead him to more relaxation and serenity. 

You should not push the Virgo man, he needs a lot of free space. If someone tries to bend him too much, he'll be gone faster than you can say “stay.” Otherwise, with the Virgo man, you have a steady lover who impresses with perseverance more than with passion. He develops a great protective instinct and fights like a lion for the people he has come to love. Then, even still water can rise to a typhoon. 


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