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Zodiac Sign Virgo and Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Scorpio & Virgo - A Unique Connection? 

The zodiac sign Scorpio is able to bind the zodiac sign Virgo emotionally like no other zodiac sign. For the Virgo, the Scorpio has a unique attraction, which causes pure fascination in them due to their determination. It is a promise of safety. In a relationship, that's one of the main things they are looking for. 

For this, Virgo manages to dive as deeply into the soul and thought world of Scorpio as only a few otherwise manage to do. Her easy-going, noncommittal nature triggers an attraction in Scorpio that they cannot describe. Once they have found each other, nothing fits between the lovers. 

Water Fertilizes the Earth

Outsiders will not always be able to understand the relationship. For them, it rather has the impression that Virgo would be in bondage to Scorpio. The clever Virgo knows how to hold them down. She doesn't have to hide from the charismatic Scorpio. 

There is an incredible lightness in their relationship. They feel true love for each other and also maintain a close friendship. As time passes, the bond between the earth sign Virgo and the water sign Scorpio becomes more intimate. Water fertilizes the earth, and in this case, it does so particularly well.

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Virgo Man and the Scorpio Woman

They Enter Into a Dependency Relationship by Mutual Agreement

When their eyes meet, feelings will arise right away. The Virgo man in particular has not yet faced these in this way. Nervously, the Virgo man will retreat at the first moment. The self-confident Scorpio woman is not deterred by this because she feels the same way as the Virgo man. 

Unlike him, she does not retreat, but rather initiates the first steps to claim this special being for herself. In a relationship, they will really enter into a kind of dependency relationship. 

Together, They Will Realize Their Dreams

Since the Virgo man is so fascinated by the charismatic aura of the Scorpio woman, sooner or later, he will shed his protective armor. If he surrenders himself completely to her, he will discover all new potentials in himself. The Scorpio woman will be delighted with his loyalty and devotion. 

Honest communication, allowing dreams, determines the relationship between them. For hours, days, weeks they can talk about themselves, but also about all allowed and forbidden topics. There never is any pressure or awkward silence. Together, they head towards the port of marriage. Together, they make their dreams come true.

Virgo Frau and the Scorpio Man

He Will Go All Out

Power and dominance, frightening on the one hand, very attractive on the other. This discord arises in the Virgo woman when she first meets the Scorpio man. Because on the one hand, so much strength and determination unsettles her, but on the other hand, it is exactly this kind of strength that she craves from a partner. 

Her focus is on security and the Scorpio man can provide it. For them, it's a matter of finding that out over many meetings. The Scorpio man will go all out when he has picked her as his chosen one and will intensively court her. He listens to her attentively and is always charming. 

Lasting Love Instead of Fleeting Romance

Fortunately, this constellation leads less to a passionate romance and more to a long-lasting relationship. In this, the Virgo woman gives the jealous Scorpio man no reason to doubt her love for him. She only has eyes for him and is unconditionally faithful as long as he doesn't make a scene for her. 

In a relationship, it is important for the Virgo woman to show off her adaptability. If she shuts down and does not surrender to his fire, the Scorpio man will sooner or later lose interest in her. For this, the Scorpio man must learn to control his temper. Otherwise, his beloved will shy away from him. 


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