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Zodiac Sign Sagittarius and Zodiac Sign Scorpio 

Scorpio & Sagittarius - A Double-Edged Sword

Pitch and brimstone, Yin and Yang – or just Sagittarius and Scorpio, two very different characters coming together. Hardly any other couple from the circle of the zodiac could be more different. While the Sagittarius is easy going and interested in the wide open, the Scorpio explores the deep sides of life. 

A groundbreaking attraction is the result, which especially has an effect in sexual terms. A unique tingling sensation is created here, and the mysterious aura that surrounds Scorpio ensures that Sagittarius fully lives out its love of adventure with its Scorpio partner. 

They Have to Respect Their Boundaries

When feelings are intense, it is important for them to be careful to respect their boundaries. Otherwise, passion will soon turn into great resentment. In the worst case, accusations below the belt are made, the Scorpio patronizes the Sagittarius and the Sagittarius makes accusations. 

Who decides this conflict for themselves is not relevant. Neither the Sagittarius nor the Scorpio will leave the field as winners. Deep wounds then lead to a breakup, however, it is doubtful whether this will last. 

Light and shadow can't get along without each other for long. Sagittarius-Scorpio connections are often seen in on-off relationships. The gap is unbridgeable at times, but in turn, the intensity is even stronger. If both of them would take a step back, their relationship would have the potential to last forever.

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The Sagittarius Man and the Scorpio Woman

A Love-Hate Relationship?

There is plenty of dynamite between the Sagittarius man and the Scorpio woman. On the one hand, this leads to unbridled passion, on the other hand, also to deep injuries. The Scorpio woman tends to be very jealous and will not forgive even small flirtations. 

This makes the Sagittarius man feel threatened and constricted. Their opposites provide for lots of erotic time, because they are attracted to each other as if by magic. But in most cases, this rather favors a love-hate relationship between them. The most important thing for their relationship will be to be more responsive to their partner's needs so that they don't get into an on-off relationship.

She attaches great importance to consistency in a relationship and has difficulties with spontaneity. The Scorpio woman struggles with revealing her true feelings, but in this point, the Sagittarius man takes her along. He gets her to approach things more lightly.

Together, They Move Mountains

Moreover, the open nature of the Sagittarius man suits her veiled nature. If she is open to it, he can definitely enrich her. But the Scorpio woman can definitely also broaden the horizons of the Sagittarius man by giving profundity to his actions. The Sagittarius man is very interested in exploring the meaning of life. He can develop consistency in his actions by spending time with his Scorpio woman. 

As a functioning team, they can move mountains. While the Sagittarius man pushes the big picture, the Scorpio woman pays attention to the smallest details. Whether it's an affair, a love romance, a friendship, a committed partnership, or even a professional relationship, the Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman can provide plenty of excitement on many levels.

The Sagittarius Woman and the Scorpio Man

Like Light and Shadow

Only the Scorpio man can make the Sagittarius woman agree to give up some of her independence for him. However, she will always hate him a little bit for that. But what they have to give each other is unique: 

Although they do not match at all on the surface, the relationship between the Sagittarius woman and the Scorpio man is like light and shadow. His dark and mysterious aura awakens her natural curiosity and leads her to live out her joy of discovery in her partner. 

Eroticism and Passion Do Not Fall by the Wayside

If that is the case, this relationship will last a very long time. The Scorpio man will never show his full face. Something mysterious surrounds him, because he is attracted by the shadows of this world. He is fascinated by the Sagittarius woman's thirst for adventure. Eroticism and passion never fall by the wayside and provide for tingling hours. 

If they don't lose sight of their partner's needs and allow themselves enough freedom, they will want for nothing in their old age. Neither in intensive conversations, nor in joint adventures. 

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