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The Sagittarius Man

November 23rd to December 21st

Sagittarius - A Lovable Perfectionist

The lovable perfectionist among the zodiac signs is energetic, engaging and very reliable. A Sagittarius man is self-confident and in the best case knows exactly what he wants. In doing so, he devotes his attention to the joyful things in life. He lives freely according to the motto “Carpe diem”, which means “seize the day”. 

Boredom is a no-go for the active and always good-humored Sagittarius man. Don't even try to surprise the Sagittarius man with a spontaneous visit – you will rarely find him there. 

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You Always Know Where You Stand With Him

Due to his open-minded and honest nature, people always know where they stand with him. In turn, you should be able to take criticism, because he does not hold back with his opinion. He can unintentionally hurt his fellow people, but his charming manner makes up for it. 

The spontaneous Sagittarius man dresses very casually and prefers something sporty-casual to a suit so he can comfortably enjoy a variety of activities, maybe another trip to satisfy his curiosity or a sporting challenge that he goes all out in. 

Due to his high sense of freedom, he works very independently and with great enthusiasm. He likes flat hierarchies and puts his ideals into practice with creative ideas. As long as no routine arises, he stays on it with great ambition.

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