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Zodiac Sign Aquarius and Zodiac Sign Pisces

Pisces & Aquarius - Love at Second Sight?

Water signs do not harmonize very well with air signs. In this respect, both Aquarius and Pisces face major hurdles if they decide to build a future together. Building also is the perfect keyword – neither the Pisces, nor the Aquarius are known to gain wealth through diligence and continuity.

Pisces does not because fixed times and a regular daily routine do not mean true life for them. They live into the day and prefer dealing with their dream worlds to anything else by far. At worst, they are lazy and self-centered. 

The Aquarius is intensively concerned with their environment. They analyze it and their fellow people with meticulous precision. Unfortunately, they rarely find time to put one of their brilliant ideas into practice. They also are very spontaneous and changeable. A regular daily routine does not come about either. 

Doors That Were Closed

In these points lie the similarities between the charming Aquarius and the sensitive Pisces: they dream of an ideal world and hope to get happiness and satisfaction from this. However, they want to act differently when it comes to implementation. 

While the zodiac sign Pisces means pure emotion, Aquarius trusts his mind without exception. They make decisions through rational deliberation. Pisces trust their intuition, hoping that fate will do the rest for them. This means that there are major problems of understanding between them. They can only understand each other to a limited extent and criticize their partner's approaches. 

That is why Aquarius and Pisces are mostly forming friendships. In these, they can be more tolerant. Tolerance and acceptance are indispensable for them. If they work on it, doors that previously were firmly closed will open.

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The Aquarius Man and the Pisces Woman

Light and Shadow are Close Together

This relationship has its light and dark sides. In the relationship between the Aquarius man and the Pisces woman, the darker side becomes much more prominent. But one thing after the other. Initially, there is a fascination with the other. First and foremost, because the attraction that comes from the unknown is tempting. The Pisces woman likes to be seduced by the attractive Aquarius man. 

He knows how to flatter her with his charming, teasing manner, and with so much attention, the Pisces woman will not take long. But it is exactly at this point that it is decided whether they will form a relationship early on, or whether it's over early after a night or two. Because the easy-going Aquarius does not like to commit himself in love. 

If he has the impression that his counterpart is already planning a family together, he takes his legs in his hands and starts walking. This problem actually exists with the Pisces woman. She loves deeply and sincerely and wants to get married sooner rather than later. If she likes a man, she binds him to her and does not tolerate competitors. 

Time Makes Many Things Possible

With these requirements, she bites on granite with the independent Aquarius man. He does not miss the opportunity to start a stimulating flirt, not even when he is in a relationship. And all the more so when this has not even been decided yet.

The emotional part in the relationship is taken over by the sensitive Pisces woman. In return, the Aquarius man racks his brains about everything. They are worlds apart. Misunderstandings and conflicts are inevitable. The expectations of a relationship are too different. The differences must not be neglected under any circumstances. 

The couple has more favorable prospects if they meet at a mature age. If they have already seen some of the world, they can show acceptance and understanding for each other. Their chances of focusing on what they have in common increase. If that is the case, they can learn from their differences.

The Aquarius Woman and the Pisces Man

All That Counts is Being Together

In a relationship with the light-footed Aquarius woman, the emotional and familiar Pisces man can feel very neglected in the long run. For him, spending time with his partner is the be-all and end-all of a relationship. He loves to plan joint activities with his wife or girlfriend or just hang out. All that counts is being together, because what else is the point of a relationship?

On this subject, the Aquarius woman is on an entirely different path. She needs free space and her independence is sacred to her. There should be no stagnation in a relationship. In addition, you will look for a pronounced emotional bond with her partner in vain. 

In a relationship, the Pisces man needs more support than the Aquarius woman could offer. Over time, a certain distrust creeps in. The Pisces man needs to work on himself and learn to trust the freedom-loving Aquarius woman more. She appreciates what she has in a safe retreat very much. 

She Knows Whom Her Heart Beats For

Even with the most tempting offers, she remains loyal. She knows whom her heart beats for. What speaks for this couple is that they are outstanding problem solvers. If they manage to get a grip on coping with the dreariness of everyday life, then they can focus on their positive aspects.

In this case, they color off each other just fine. The Aquarius woman copies he rootedness with his feelings from her loved one. The Pisces man learns to use his mind more confidently. Decisions are not just made on a whim. Thus, contrary to what is assumed, they become a dream couple. At the very least, they will approach it.


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