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Personal Gift Ideas

A gift should be as unique as the person you’re giving it to. It should be personalized to match their tastes, interests, and individuality. 

A personal gift symbolizes individuality and standing out from the crowd. It shows the person you’re giving it to that you value their particular kind of light that they bring into the world, and into your life specifically. 

In case you’re wondering what your options are for personal gifts, here are 6 personal gift ideas. 

1. Engrave A Vertical Bar Pendant With A Special Message

A sleek vertical bar pendant like this one from Amazon makes a lovely, gender neutral personal gift. You can engrave all four long sides of the bar pendant with any words or numbers you want (up to a certain number of characters). 

Here is where you can really let your knowledge about the other person shine. First, you’ll need to choose the color of the chain and the pendant. The colors should match the personal tastes of the person you’re giving it to.

Next, you must decide what you want the engravings to say. You may want to engrave the pendant with a nickname you gave the other person, a special word or a phrase they like to use, or an important date, like the day you met. 

Use your imagination and make the engraving as personal and meaningful as the character limit allows.

2. A Classic - Personalize A Mug With Their Name

The person you’re looking for a personal gift for may already have a mug. But do they have a mug that’s personalized with their name? We’re betting they don’t!

With this single gift, you’ll show your friend or family member or coworker your thoughtfulness. They will look at the mug with their name on it and realize that you took the time out of your busy day to find a gift that was uniquely “them.” It will make them appreciate your friendship even more.

Personalized Mug

3. Give Them A Personalized Jewelry Case

The person you’re giving the pendant to will need a jewelry case to keep it in. Even if you decide not to give them a necklace, a jewelry case is always a pretty and useful gift.

To keep your gift on theme, you can personalize a case like this one with the other person’s first name and initial on it. This way, they can store their necklace as well as their other favorite treasures safely and securely in this sturdy box with supple leather on the exterior. 

As an added perk, they’ll never lose track of it or get it mixed up with someone else’s jewelry case because it has their name right on the top!

4. Name A Star After Someone

If you’re buying a personal gift to show someone how special they are to you, what’s more personal and special than a star? 

You may not have known that you could buy a star and name it after someone, but it’s possible with Star Naming. We are a star naming service that offers three separate packages: a single star, a star within a constellation, and a duonova (two stars that orbit one another).

Once you’ve purchased and named your star, it will be recorded in the prestigious International Space Registry. You’ll receive a certificate in the mail, which you can give as a gift to the person you named the star after. 

This gift is not only personalized, but it’s unique. It’s not everyday that someone buys a star and names it after you! It’s sure to be a present that your friend, family member, or coworker won’t forget. 

Now, when they gaze into the night sky, not only will they see their star, but they will remember who gave it to them and what a wonderful person you are.


Name your own star, registered in the International Space Registry.
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5. Warm Their Heart With A Custom Fleece Blanket From Shutterfly

A fleece blanket that’s customized with a special photo print is always a thoughtful and heartwarming gift. It can also be humorous, depending on which print you decide to use! 

Shutterfly lets you customize the blanket as much as you like with your own photos. You may choose pictures of you and your friend or family member together, so they feel the coziness of your friendship all around them. Or you may pick a photo that you know has special meaning for them, such as a portrait of their children or a beloved pet. 

Once you’ve chosen your print and ordered the blanket, you can sit back and enjoy the beaming smile that the other person gives you when they unwrap this special, personal gift.

6. Amaze Them With A Custom 3D Etched Crystal Photo

Speaking of photos, here’s a fun personal gift idea: a custom 3D etched crystal photo! 

Think about it. What gift is more personal than a great photo of someone or something special to the other person? But you don’t want to gift your friend or family member with a piece of everyday photo paper that can be easily lost or ruined. A better and more permanent way to display the picture is to have it engraved into a crystal.

Not only is this a unique and special way to display a picture, but it also gives the image a fascinating 3D effect that it wouldn’t otherwise have on a flat piece of photo paper. It’s a beautiful gift that will fit into anyone’s decor and brighten up their life.  


Your friend, family member, or coworker that you’re buying a gift for may feel like they’re a dim star among billions. Show them that they’re one of the brightest celestial bodies in your universe with one of our 6 personal gift ideas.

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