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The Zodiac Signs Libra and Libra 

Libra & Libra - Perfect Harmony?  

A Libra couple will always attract many glances – no couple will appear more elegant and ravishing than this one. Once Libra woman and Libra man have found each other, their happiness could not be greater. Together, they will spend days and nights vividly philosophizing and dreaming about all sorts of things. 

Both share a love of art and culture and they like to dress up and mix in with the crowd. At the same time, they place a high value on their outside appearance. With their partner, they have found their equivalent. 

But unfortunately, this relationship is not all about compromise and cooperation – although they have similar interests, they can argue about taste, but they shy away from conflict. They prefer to conceal their true feelings so as not to have to argue. Instead of presenting them gently and with skill. 

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They Must Not Live Just for Appearances

Sooner or later, problems that are concealed or ignored will cause untold frustration. Then, they will confront their partner with accusations instead of factual arguments. 

It is recommended to reveal their feelings more often to this otherwise well-harmonizing couple. They must not live just for appearances. Then it will also work out with a long and beautiful relationship, which actually is exactly what they both want.


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