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Zodiac Sign Leo and Zodiac Sign Aries

Leo & Aries - The Big Love?

With the zodiac sign Leo and the zodiac sign Aries, two fire elements meet. Let us take a look at whether the heated temperament of the two will ensure an eternal fire or quickly go out.

Let's start with the positive sides of the relationship between Leo and Aries: Both benefit from the fact that their temperament is quite similar and passion is guaranteed here. Both know how to flaunt themselves and cause a sensation. The Aries probably does so a little more than the Leo. For Leo loves the elegant, stylish way of self-expression, while the Aries goes all out. 

When Aries and Leo Work Together, Great Things Happen

When Leo and Aries work together, great things can happen. The shrewd Aries knows exactly how to get the proud Lion on his side. Great visions that promise power, wealth and especially great recognition are the most beautiful music in the ears of the Leo. The Leo will quickly get enthusiastic about the plans of the ram. Together, they pull together to make their dreams come true. However, they should not rush. The Leo takes a commanding approach to the events of the moment, while the Aries is more unbridled. 

So far so good, but now things are getting tricky: Because both are very fond of being the center of attention and holding the reins, a serious fight can break out on this issue between the fire signs. When they make a point, no one lets go. Whoever emerges victorious will not enjoy their success for long. A conquered Leo or Aries is not to be considered for any further plans. 

They Have To Agree on Their Competencies

Clearly defined distribution of responsibilities in advance is essential. Once that is settled, they still have to be careful not to consume their fire too quickly. The hotter and brighter a fire burns, the faster it goes out. This is not only to say that a long-lasting relationship lacks a foundation, but that a lot of energy is consumed in daily interaction.

Without wanting to admit it to themselves, they increasingly feel exhausted. Their ego is too pronounced for that. This leads them to look elsewhere to find a more suitable partner who is less like them.

leo and aries

Leo Man and Aries Woman

A Passionate Couple

Proactive, passionate and self-confident. These are specific characteristics that apply to both zodiac signs. With this pair, sparks can fly. A hot romance is definitely an option, but whether it is enough for the big love is doubtful. In the long term, this relationship will demand a lot from both of them. 

At an early stage, the Leo man will be completely charmed by the Aries woman. A proud, confident woman who expresses herself well and shines in company. This is the prey pattern of the king of animals. It is important to him to adorn himself with a woman. He does not like to share the attention of people, even with his partner, but on the other hand, he doesn't want a wallflower – the fiery Aries woman definitely is not.

Light and Shadow are Close Together

Later, the first difficulties emerge and open communication will be necessary. They like to be waited on, which is sure to become a point of contention in the long run. In addition, it is important that they can allow themselves space and take time out together. 

A romantic weekend or a short vacation is like balm for their love. Otherwise, the sensuality and tenderness will be much too short. Although apparently spending a lot of time together, they unexpectedly become estranged from each other. Should these challenges be met and mastered, they will have a lot of fun in the long run.

Leo Woman and Aries Man

In the Spotlight Together

The big stage: the right place for both zodiac signs to develop in the best possible way. Plus, it's a potential place where they could get to know each other. The trick will be to share the attention. Whether a violent affair or a passionate romance, should the confident Leo woman and the strong-character Aries man agree on a relationship, they will have an intense one. They are similar in many traits, for example, they are addicted to luxury and status. In a relationship, they can work together to obtain these goods.

The Leo woman is extraordinarily generous with her fellow human beings, especially with her partner. This should please the Aries man. In return, she wants to be the clear number one. This is true not only with other women, but also when it comes to the spotlight. Not only on stage, but also with friends and family.

You Are Always on Thin Ice

Both the Leo woman and the Aries man need to show off their strengths. With her, it's the generosity mentioned earlier as well as her big heart. With him, the innate knowledge of human nature. If communication and respect are lost, they will quickly part ways. A relationship that doesn't work out isn't worth their time. At least then the strength of character of the Leo woman and the Aries man pays off.

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