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The Zodiac Sign Leo and the Zodiac Sign Aquarius 

Leo & Aquarius - Desire or Frustration?

The zodiac sign Leo and the zodiac sign Aquarius work best in a long-distance or weekend relationship. In this constellation, both have enough freedom to each do their own thing. They don't see each other often enough that there could be one or more fights in the long term. 

The potential for this is inherent in both of them, as they are exactly opposite each other in the zodiac. They have certain similarities, but also fundamental differences in their traits. On the one hand, the aforementioned independence in their actions, but also the stubbornness they can show. The Leo in particular tends to be stubborn.

As a Team, They Complement Each Other Fabulously

The Leo appreciates the self-confidence and freedom of the Aquarius. Most of the time, however, the Leo wants all of their partner's attention focused on them. The Aquarius is not always ready for this. They love to flirt and connect with many people. The Leo can quickly feel cheated of their desire for attention. 

Nevertheless, as a team, they can complement each other wonderfully. They should be more tolerant with their partner because the Leo benefits from the wealth of ideas of the Aquarius, who knows how to skillfully put them into practice. If they get involved with each other, the Aquarius will show the Leo that helping others is worthwhile. The Leo demonstrates how important it is to treat yourself and enjoy the finer things in life.

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Leo Man and Aquarius Woman

Pure Passion

The Leo man and the Aquarius woman love to play with each other. However, she will not be easy prey for the king of animals – a special charm lies in this. Women that the Leo man can have too easily are not worth mentioning for him. Her teasing, slightly provocative manner drives him crazy. But he also knows how to score with her, spurred on by her, he will go all out and play his trump cards. From so much energy, passion and determination, sooner or later, she will not be able to withstand but succumb to his charms. After all, the Leo man is known for getting what he sets his mind to. 

A resulting relationship has its justification and a wide range of advantages. The Leo man wants a woman by his side who will show off and with whom he will appear even more imposing. With her youthful charm and intelligence, she always attracts attention. This is great for the ego of the Leo man. He places great importance on how people around him perceive him.

Good Base for Marriage

However, she should not overdo it around him. He can't stand it when someone steals his show and her paying more attention to others than to him is also a thorn in his side. This quite quickly turns into a problem for the freedom-loving Aquarius woman. If he tries to limit her, it will come to a fight behind closed doors at the latest – and it can be a big one. Both have a pronounced ego and don't let anyone tell them anything. Especially the Leo man allergically reacts to criticism. If this issue is not resolved, jealousy will become a reason for breakup. 

To avoid this, they should work on their tolerance and get more involved with their partner. If she makes it clear to him that, despite her definition of independence and freedom, she will always be faithful to him and he puts aside his claims of ownership over her, this relationship has good prerequisites for marriage.

Leo Woman and Aquarius Man

They Get Under Each Other’s Skin

The Aquarius man literally gets under the skin of the Leo woman: He knows how to seduce the self-confident lady with his charm and teasing manner. When they meet, they will not quickly let go of each other. Together, they make a great couple that will attract many glances. 

The Aquarius man knows how to move in company. This self-confident casual manner is what the Leo woman hopes for from her partner. Unsurprisingly, they walk through the world with pink glasses in the beginning. Mutual admiration and a lot of warmth between them make for many happy days. The fact that they show a lot of consideration for their concerns is a credit to that. 

He Can Quickly Fall Out of Favor

At this point, however, caution is advised. With the Leo woman, the Aquarius man can quickly fall out of favor. Namely, when he overdoes it with his flirting with other women and does not give her the attention she deserves. As a result, she will roar and put him in his place – whether he will put up with it is another matter. 

The Aquarius man is at least as self-confident as the Leo woman and will make what is important to him very clear to her. A clear discussion and some time of reflection will be required to solve this problem. To have a committed relationship, they need to be more accommodating.

Usually, the Leo woman and the Aquarius man rarely fight. In fact, so little that they can live away from each other. When they eventually realize this, most couples have a very amicable relationship afterwards.


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