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Zodiac Sign Gemini and Zodiac Sign Aries 

Gemini & Aries - An Auspicious Couple?

The Aries with its drive and the Gemini with its search for new adventures make a good team. Action, action, action, whether alone or with a partner. For the Aries, there cannot be enough risk. 

With the Gemini, they find a zodiac sign that can keep up with them. If the Gemini wants to try something different, e.g. something cultural, this is no problem for the Aries. They complement each other perfectly and concede themselves freedom in an emphatically casual manner.

Together, They Entertain the Crowd

Another argument in favor of Gemini and Aries is the way they complement each other without constraint. While the Gemini shines with 100 great ideas, the Aries knows how to skillfully put them into practice. In sociable company, they can entertain a whole house together. Flirting is not neglected in the process.

Thus, the philanderers among the zodiac signs will surely come closer during a fierce flirtation. They just should not overdo it in a permanent relationship. Otherwise, even these non-jealous zodiac signs can have a violent clash.

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Gemini Man and Aries Woman

More Than Friendship

Gemini men and Aries women often develop more than just a friendship, but a committed relationship is not a must. They are more likely to have a long-lasting affair or an uncommitted love affair. The reason is that the relationship is very uncomplicated. Neither she, nor he have any interest in deep emotions. Anything can be, nothing has to be.

If the two lovebirds still decide to have a permanent relationship, they will continue to have a lot of fun together. The principle applies to both: The journey is the destination. In addition, they challenge each other again and again. Boredom cannot arise under any circumstances. 

Someone Has to Do the Dirty Work

It often happens that the Gemini man and the Aries woman have a messy home. This is due to their frequent ventures and the fact that neither he nor she takes pleasure in the small everyday tasks. If they agree that it can't always be full speed ahead and that quiet moments are necessary in a relationship, then nothing will stand in the way of their love.

Gemini Woman and Aries Man

You Should Just Let Them Go Ahead

The flexible Gemini woman is excellent with the Aries man, who has a strong character. His strength of will makes her curious about the flirt artist. With her wit, it is extraordinarily easy for her to light his fire. A boring TV evening day every day? Wrong! You should just let this couple go ahead. They will get to know and love each other while skiing or go-karting. They are open-minded and like to try new things. 

Even the Most Casual Relationship Needs Some Seriousness

Friends and relatives might try to slow them down. It's just as well that the Gemini woman and the Aries man don't give a damn about buzzkills. “Don't overdo it,” their friends would love to shout after them. And at some point, the two should probably listen to them. Sooner or later, a certain seriousness is part of even the loosest relationship. If they heed this advice, marriage is not far away, because once both have put their quarrels, big or small, behind them, the Aries man is ready to marry such a charming and open lady. She will think twice about turning down a proposal. With the Aries man, she has the variety she needs: A partner who feels the same value for justice as she does. You will then have enough time to make a commitment in this area.


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