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Buy a Star for Christmas

Christmas is coming soon! It’s time to get out the beautiful lights, to set up the tree, and of course, to start thinking about the gifts that you would like to give out. When you think about gifts to give to your loved ones, perhaps you are thinking of purchasing a perfume, a sweater, or a gift card. But why not give something that has a lot more meaning?

Christmas is for family and it is a time where we should show our love to the ones we care about deeply. Because of this, the kind of gifts we give must come from the heart so they have the effect we intend them to have. Just think about it: why not have something that’s completely out of the box, something that is an evergreen gift for the person you love instead of a giftcard or another piece of clothing?

A Star Is the Perfect Gift For Everyone!

Are you stuck trying to think of a gift you could give to the person you love? Or, perhaps you are thinking about the gift you could give your father, mother, or sister, and you are realizing that you do not know what they’d really like. Christmas can be very confusing when it comes to giving because we need to think about the things everyone likes.

After all, it is rare that we spend loads of time with them, especially as we grow older. So, it can be a real struggle to find a gift for everyone in the family without feeling like we are throwing money out the window and spending money on something that the person won’t enjoy! Instead, why not give something that is original, something that they can look for every day, or something that the recipient can feel special about? This is what a star can do!

It’s the Perfect Last-Minute Gift

Do not worry, we won’t judge you. We have all been there! We have all struggled to find a gift at the last minute, or have run around a few hours before a Christmas party to find something to give to our secret santa partner. Well, buying a star is something you can do last minute! A star for Christmas is automatically named after what you choose for it and you even get a certificate that officiates things.

Depending on the package you purchase, you could get a star and receive all the information the next day. Otherwise, you can get all the information online and can print the certificate yourself if you are looking for something that’s available right away. It’ll seem like you have been planning it for a long time, but little does the person know, they are receiving an incredible gift that’s been purchased only a few hours ago!

It’s a More Personal Gift

Sure, it’s great to give tangible gifts for Christmas. After all, who does not like to have a nice gift to look at and to remember how amazing their Christmas experience was? The only downside to such gifts is that they tend to be quite generic. Instead, you could give a star to someone who is very important to you.

For example, why not give a star to your new partner as a personal gift that represents just how important they are to you? A star does not only show that you want them to have a gift that will stick around (like your love for them… yes, that’s pretty cliché!), but it also shows them that you have made the effort to think of something that is a much more personal gift. What says “I care for you” more than receiving a star for Christmas?

All in All… A Star for Christmas is a Pretty Cool Gift

Imagine being able to say that you own a star and that it was named for you specifically. If you ask us, that’s a pretty great thing in itself. By purchasing a star and using it as your personal Christmas gift, you can make sure the person feels extra special. There’s something very special about knowing that you are somehow involved with the worlds outside of Earth, as afterall, it’s a place most of us will sadly never get to visit.

So, although you may have given your heart last Christmas, this year, you can give a star! Click here to find out more or name a star now. Find our options below:





Name a visible Star

  • Name a guaranteed visible star. Select the brightness of your star.
  • Your star will be registered in the International Space Registry.
  • You will be granted access to our online planetarium web app.



Star from a Constellation

  • Name a star from a constellation. Select the constellation and brightness of your star.
  • Easy to locate in the night sky.
  • Your star will be registered in the International Space Registry.
  • You will be granted access to our online planetarium web app.



Two orbiting Stars

  • Name two rare orbiting stars. Select the brightness of your stars.
  • Perfect way to celebrate a bond between two people.
  • Your star will be registered in the International Space Registry.
  • You will be granted access to our online planetarium web app.

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